Friday, May 9, 2008

Talic Storage System

Well after we returned from the christening today, I began installing the Talic kayak condo. I was intrigued by the suspension system incorporated into this wall mount which cradles your kayak on it's side via wide nylon straps. Easily mounted but just make double sure you secure the uprights into a good solid stud. I'm also very happy with the Yakima Bowdown racks. They fold down when not in use and are very well padded. I do not have end holes in my Shearwater 17 so the only hold down is what is used by the Bowdown racks. The kayak rides very solidly the Bowdown rack with no shaking or looseness whatsoever.

This picture, I tried to show the backside of the kayak while resting in the Talic wall mounted cradle. I thought there was going to be a need for some padding on the wall behind the kayak however, the way that the kayak sits in the cradling straps it doesn't even touch the wall.

Here, you see the operation of the Yakima Bowdown racks.


JoeShort1 (at) yahoo dot com said...

Kayak looks great! I'm just getting ready to start building my own Shearwater 17' Hybrid so it will be nice to refer to your photos and comments. Curious if there are any special areas to be careful of when starting? Also, which of the Japanese saw blades and handles did you find most useful during construction?

Danny said...

Hey Joe, Sorry not to have gotten back to you sooner as I don't check back on my blog much.. I'm sure you're well into your build by now. If it's not too late. The saw blade that I used most was a narrow blade 18" per inch from "Tashiro Hardware".

tel: (206) 328-7641 -

I would suggest only ordering only one handle even if you order more than one blade as they change out easily. Don't worry too much about the threads that seem to begin to unravel from the fiberglass cloth when you wet it out cause eventually you will sand most of it out. That really bothered me when I first saw it cause I thought it would be a permanent defect, now you can't even see it. I purchase one but tried to make one myself, however I would invest in a fairing board sander to sand your strips evenly smooth. Also, one last thing I would have done would be to wet sand between each layer of varnish. Good luck and have fun.

Anonymous said...
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