Friday, May 9, 2008

Talic Storage System

Well after we returned from the christening today, I began installing the Talic kayak condo. I was intrigued by the suspension system incorporated into this wall mount which cradles your kayak on it's side via wide nylon straps. Easily mounted but just make double sure you secure the uprights into a good solid stud. I'm also very happy with the Yakima Bowdown racks. They fold down when not in use and are very well padded. I do not have end holes in my Shearwater 17 so the only hold down is what is used by the Bowdown racks. The kayak rides very solidly the Bowdown rack with no shaking or looseness whatsoever.

This picture, I tried to show the backside of the kayak while resting in the Talic wall mounted cradle. I thought there was going to be a need for some padding on the wall behind the kayak however, the way that the kayak sits in the cradling straps it doesn't even touch the wall.

Here, you see the operation of the Yakima Bowdown racks.

Christening Day

Christened with bottle of champagne on Town Lake, oops ( Lady Bird Lake). The Skwoosh seat is awesome. The boat rides very well and I will enjoy it for a long time. I think my First Mate had even more fun than I did today with the first few trips. She's only 5'2" so she will be getting the Shearwater 14 or 16. I think it'll be a little easier for her to maneuver than this 17 footer. We had a great time and the boat handles like a dream.

Almost ready to go

This is Monday the 5th and the footrests are finished so I think thats just about everything. I did order this new seat from Skwoosh, I think it will be quite an improvement over the pieces of foam that were sent in the kit. It requires nothing to hold it in place because the underside is made of a rubbery, sticky, material. The seat has gel pads in it to protect your butt bones. Very nice! We'll see how it works, christening will be very soon!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Footrests Somewhat Installed

Epoxied footrest backups to inside of hull with epoxy mixed with coilidal silica. Then attached footrests to the oak strips. What a pain in the neck to reach in and try to align the nylon lock nuts on underside of the strips to line up with the screw placed from above thru the footrest.