Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hull Wet Sanded

Today, I was able to wet sand the hull with the 3 grades of previously mentioned sandpaper. I tried using my sanding block on the flat areas but it didn't seem to work very well. I also used a pump spray bottle to keep the surface wet enough, but it crapped out on me. Surely I'm not the first one to discover this, but I came up with a couple of ideas to make the job faster and easier. For the sanding, I cut the sandpaper sheets in half which fit perfectly around a plain kitchen sponge. The paper wrapped around the sponge like 4 times so I was able to rewrap the sponge at times and in doing so was able to use all surfaces of the sandpaper. Next was the task of keeping the surface wet without the spray bottle. I tried to just use my hand and scoop the water up out of my bucket but this was not very efficient. Remembered that I had a large grout sponge (unused) so I just saturated the sponge and was able to easily and evenly wet the surface. The bare varnished surface was shiny with many surface imperfections due to dust settlement during drying phase and a couple of small insects. When you would run your hand across the surface, you could feel these specks easily and your hand would somewhat drag across the surface A drastic change was noticed after the wet sanding was completed. If you were to look down the length of the boat, it appears to have a mirror effect however, if you looked at the surface straight on the appearance is somewhat dull looking from the sanding. Now when you run your hand across the surface, it feels smooth with no drag and feels very polished already. The polishing compound ( 3M Finesse-it) applied with a Dewalt polisher should bring out the shine more and remove any remaining minute sanding marks left by the 2000 grit paper. Flipped the kayak over in preparation for the wet sanding of the deck before I quit for the day.

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