Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hatch Hold Down System

Decided to go with a clean deck look and epoxy in some triangular blocks inside the hull which bungees will be threaded thru, then hooked onto the underside of the hatches to hold them down flush with the deck. Following is a few pics of that process. I screwed the undersides of the triangular blocks onto a small piece of scrap wood in order to cover all surfaces with one batch of clear epoxy. In order to coat the insides of the thru holes, I used a q-tip to completely coat the interior of the holes, which incidentally were drilled before the triangles were cut. the bungees will be hooked to solid brass cup hooks screwed into the undersides of the hatches. Also applied foam insulation gasket directly to the hatch sills, I think this will be sufficient

. Still haven't figured quiet how to lift the hatches. So far I'm trying to come up with some kind of pop-up circular grab to work with. Such as drilling a hole in the hatch with a hole saw, then using some kind of spring loaded pop up and attaching the cut out from the hole cut with the resulting wood piece attached resulting still in a flush fitting hull with a small spring loaded pop-up hold to grab onto in order to lift the hatches enough to unhook the bungees from underneath.

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