Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Coat on Deck

Well I may have figured out this HVLP gun because when I sprayed the deck today it turned out quite a bit better than yesterdays attempt at the hull. Actually I think I was laying on too thick of a coat yesterday and today I set the gun to atomize a fine mist about 6" tall which went on with a lot more confidence . I didn't fel like I had to rush through for fear of getting it on too thick. Only glitch was when I went back and tried to spray the thin section between the coaming and the deck, I got a little bit more on the deck(where I had already sprayed) and wound up with a very small sag in the varnish just in one small area. I believe this will be an easy fix, but the fine mist will allow for many more fine coats on top whereas the bottom is just about done I do think.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

4 Coats?

Actually I guess my first spray could actually be considered 2 coats as I went form for to aft then back again. That was about 10:00 am this am , was contemplating on wet sanding before the next application but decided to go ahead and shoot again around 6:00 pm. I figure again this is two more coats front to back and back again so far have total of 4 coats on the hull. I think before the final coat/coats I will go ahead and wet sand before application to remove any sags and dust,etc. Before I do this however I think I'll flip it over and go after the deck where appearances are critical. I'm glad I started on the bottom to get a little practice.

First Coat Varnish

The first coat of varnish on the hull is complete and I am now patiently waiting for it to dry. Just went down to check on it and noticed a few sags on one side at the bow, dang! Everything else looks pretty good.

Voi-La, Paint booth

Decided to line walls and floor with painters plastic, mainly to cut down on dust. Good thing I did because an unopened can of varnish fell on the floor bursting open the top resulting in whole pint of varnish on the plastic covered floor. Wiped up most that I could, then covered with another coat of plastic. Practiced about 3 minutes with the new Fuji HVLP spray system then attempted to spray the bottom of the kayak. At first I thought I would have a lot of orange peel but as the varnish flowed out, seems it'll produce a fairly smooth surface.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ready for Varnish?

Well, I just completed what I think is the final sanding bottom and top with 220 grit sandpaper. Although there are just a few glossy spots about the size of a pen tip, I think it's time to move on and finish up with the varnish. Blew out a lot of dust from the garage this afternoon and will probably do this a couple more times and then let the rest settle before I attempt the varnish stage. If there are any experienced builders out there reading this, please let me know if there is anything else I should take care of before I attempt the final stage of the varnish coats. Thanks.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Accidentally sanded through the fiberglass down to bare wood at the stern. Had to lay on a small piece of fiberglass cloth and epoxy thoroughly then sand down and even it out. Sanded out the deck today with the 220 and final grit before applying varnish. Getting close. Still have some very small pitts that will not sand out, no-ones perfect.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sanding is no Fun

Today after I got home for work I thought a little sanding of the epoxy on the deck would help to get me reinvigorated to get the kayak finished. It seemed such a shame to dull the shiny finish of the epoxy however I knew that the finish of the epoxy was not near as smooth and flawless as this finish sanding would produce. So I was able to knock down all the drips, runs, etc. from the epoxy with the 100 grit sandpaper, which is the first of three stages of sanding. Next will be 150 then finish up with 220. Should be ready for the varnish after that stage. For some reason I haven't been able to load up any pics after several attempts. Will try load load again later. Really not much change from previous few pics except a dull finish now on top deck from the sanding.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Began Finish Sanding

Experimented with hand sanding the coaming with 80 grit sandpaper. Got about half of the coaming done and once I have the coaming complete which includes working my way up to 220 grit paper, I'll get out the random orbital and go over the deck, hatch covers, and part way down the sides again beginning with 80 grit and working up to 220 grit in order to get the best possible finish to apply the varnish coats to.

Kayak Structurally Complete

Well I know it's been awhile since an update, took a little break since the kayak is now structurally complete. The cheek plates have been completed and the following pics show the boat in it's almost finished stage. During the hiatus from working on the boat, a little reorganizing was done in the garage. This gives me a little more room to work plus will allow for the car to occupy it's warm home once the kayak is sanded again and varnished. That's the only steps left till christening!